This – mothers with many children

By   November 23, 2013

This - mothers with many children

This – mothers with many children , mothers, disabled children , mother – health workers , education, culture , social workers, toilers village , business leaders, members of the district assembly, the soldiers’ mothers . Among the guests : Hope and Tatyana Zakharova Kruglyashova who created the family’s home , Tatiana Popova Tatiana, who raised a daughter who , despite serious illness , won the bronze medal of the Paralympic Games in Sydney , Hope Kryuchkov , Honorary Worker of Education , winner of the Soros Foundation , Olga Ramazanov mother of nine children , Love Ilyin , head of the farm , and many others . For participants of the meeting will be organized celebratory tea party , a concert by professional and amateur artists. Regional fund social support prepared gifts.

24.11.2000 11:27

The regional government has considered the prospects of development of telecommunications in the next five years.

As reported at the meeting of the Government , this year much has been done : the disabled from the regional budget established in 1000 phones, with the rate in rural areas was reduced thousand rubles to 500 rubles . Over the next 5 years, all the 144,000 applications for telephone installation application must be met. In rural areas should appear everywhere radio and television. In Saratov, suggest upgrade payphones – they will gradually be transferred to the national phone cards, and by the end of next year will be a charge for phone time-based . In many areas, there will be new VHF transmitters to increase the length of fiber-optic communication .

This - mothers with many children

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